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For Retirees

  State's GS Retirement Services On-line

Department of State Web Sites

  Department of State -- Home Page

  Embassy web sites

  Secretary's Open Forum

Other U.S. Government Web Sites

  The White House

  Department of Commerce

  Internal Revenue Service

  Department of Agriculture

  Department of the Treasury



  House of Representatives

  Government made easy

Other Useful Sites

  25 Home Saftey Tips for Older Adults  25 tips to make your home safer for older adults.

  American Association of Retired People   Site contains tips on travel and member benefits

  ATO/TCU Retirees web site. It costs $10 to join and you must have a sponsor.

  The Foreign Service Group  Foreign Service Retirees of Central Texas

  American Foreign Service Association  All you wanted to know about the AFSA

  Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide  AFSA Worldwide

  Distinctively fine, hand made knives  Knives made by Bob Cumming

  Federal Week Newsletter   An on-line newsletter for and about Federal Employee issues

  The Foreign Service Youth Foundation  Serving America's Foreign Service Youth & Their Families!

  Old Foreign Affairs Retired Technicians  A web site for retired Canadian Foreign Affairs Techs

   A Retirement Planning GuideGuide covers all things to consider during the retirement planning process.

  Retirement Resources A website with a list of the best places to retire, state aging agencies and more.

  Retirement Savings and Spending Guide A Guide to Spending and Saving Wisely During Retirement

  Senior Road Safety Guide Covers how to be an independent driver as long as possible, how to approach someone you think should
                                        stop driving, how to get around without a car, and general driver tips.Thought this went well with the home safety guide.

  Senior Safety An informational guide for older adults with tips on how to stay safe at home.

  Stress Management for Seniors The guide covers everything from lifestyle choices to physical activity, including actionable tips
                                                      for optimal time outside, amount of water to drink, and more.

  Tales from a Small Planet  The literary and humor magazine for expatriates everywhere

  The Marine Embassy Guard Association Web site  Search for old MSG friends

  Tips to Make Traveling with a Disability Easier - Travel tips, resources, and info for seniors and people with disabilities to make
                              trips, tours, and vacations much easier. This is a good basic checklist to help someone thoroughly plan a trip and
                              avoid any anxiety later on.

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